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NewKalOnline - 2018 ; we start our Beta-Phase soon!

21:06 Servertime Written By Admin

Welcome on NewKalOnline, our Server is still under Progress.

as we decided, people can already Download our Client, Regist a Account and start testing it out.

there are just few steps left for us, to start our Server into the Beta-Phase!
more about will be announced in the next days!

Server Progress:

Npc Designs




Experience / Droprate balance


Spawns - Monster stats




NewKalOnline - 2018 - Update list

21:06 Servertime Written By Admin

Server Updates in Devlopment phase :

- Storyline Pet System added into the game
-> After collecting starter Gear, player do get instant portet with a Quest
-> Player's can collect the first Pet within a Storyline based Quest (Livetime based Pets( Unlimited))
-> Please note : the duration timer of pet's is a visual bug, they'r working for livetime.

- fixed general droprates include
-> Imperfect Droprate in Forest of Elements
-> Imperfect / EoU / PouW Droprate in Tower of Priest
-> Rebalanced Master Essence droprates
(100 chance to drop 2 each boss)
-> Geon Droprate - All mosnters
-> Armor/Weapon droprate (from Grade 1 to 59)

- Temporary Fort Kalcash Merchant updated
-> Added Polishing Stone / Experience Stone for Geons.

- GameUpdates
-> Added Monster Summon Scrolls
(Items / Monsters / Experience / Geons)
-> Invalid Cooldown time should be fixxed right now
-> Spawning time for Master Elements changed
-> information text for spawning master elements changed

- Merchants updated
-> Added Hanin Essence's box to Merchants
-> Grade 1 - 8 Monster Summon Scrolls added to Merchants
-> Added clean ring and belt to Merchants
-> Fish hook added to Merchants
- all kind of spawns in our server overworked
-> Dungeon 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
-> Highlands (up2date to international one)
-> Traitor Shiny spot added
-> Tower of Priest F1-9 Updated to international one

- Semibosses added into our game
- (they do have a high chance by droping higher gear.)
-> Crazed Demon Water Dragon Commander (temporary fort near ramp)
-> Odd Demon Mad Knight (Forsaken)
-> Regettable Ghost of Young Women (Dungeon 1)
->=Upcomming semibosses=<- (will be a new droplist soon for semibosses on our homepage.)
-> Odd Demon Scout
-> Mad Demon Infantry
-> Frenzy Demon Flag Bearer
-> Goofy Demon Band
-> Cruel Ghost of Guard
-> Obsessed Devil Soldier
-> Mutated Warrior of Shadow Troop
-> Corrupt Guardian of Doggebi
-> Ruled by a Rotten Skeleton Warrior of the Tomb
-> betrayal Minister of the Royal Tomb

- Droprate completely overworked (balanced)
-> find more about our Serverdroprate at :

- Experience completely overworked and reduced
-> atm around 50x experience.

- Temporary Fort overworked
-> deleted few objects
-> added new npc's and changed others

- new items added into our game
-> Accessories
-> random box items (more about soon.)
- Grade 48 2handed Weapons added
->2 Normal and 1 Imperial one

- Added Upgrade system (serverside only atm) for Accessories
- Added Grade 48 2h Imperial prefix (serverside)
- Grade 48 2h Dropable now
(more information check out our droplist)
- new pets added into the game

- Level up Reward boxes added into the game
-> you collect them on level 10 / 15 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 via F/L
-> Rightclick on the box to get rewards

- added useable Honor Items as drop in Instance Dungeon

- Emok A-9 Area, International Spawns added into the game